StoryWorksCoverStoryWorks is a handbook on speaking, writing and storytelling. It ranges from classic tools like the ‘rule of threes’ to the new mnemonic ‘five finger technique’. These are illustrated with over seventy stories from around the world: some are traditional tales, others are modern fables. They are accompanied by creative exercises to expand your narrative and storytelling skills. StoryWorks is available from any bookshop and and (USA).

LifeWorksBookCoverLifeWorks is a practical handbook which combines insights from psychology & anthropology. Stories from around the world have familiar characters: the princess, the hero, the good mother, the wise man. They are based on universal figures called archetypes. LifeWorks introduces twelve figures, with examples from books and films. Each figure is illustrated with a story drawn from myths and folktales. Questions help you to identify roles and relationship patterns in your own life. LifeWorks is available from all bookshops and on and (USA).

*STOP PRESS* ‘SoulWorks: Living Your Soul Story’
Having the life you want … and being who you want to be.
Published with O-Books early 2018.